Banned By Deville

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Ingame Name: Barzil
Time / Date: 30 13:34:48).
Why I got banned / reason ?: Ban Evasion
Why you should be banned, I mention your reason: Deville I'm sorry I've finished my exams I want to play KCNR for fun. I'm bored now because I see I can not play KCNR deville sorry dude Give me you do not want believe me A chance to play Will not use any kind of illegal immigrants. I'm really sorry I need to inspire memory days with! KCNR as it was by long time I played I do not know Valle Aslan
KCNR. I want to play forgive me.
What you did before you were banned, be as precise and detailed as possible: I do not remember.
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kar please unban me i want play