Banned unfairly? Make a request here.
Ingame Name: iSmokezU
Time/Date: 1/11/2018 9:18
Why did you get banned / & Reason?: Constant RDM Evasion and breaking Every rule possible
Why should you be unbanned, state your reason: Because i didnt break the rules
What did you do before you got banned, be as exact and detailed as possible: Cop ZYZO and his friend were rdmin me shootign at my bike and my tires i /c before i shot em because i DID NOT WANT TO BE TOLD I WAS COP HUNTING OR RDMIN so then after i /c em i went to the gas station to repair he was still following me an admin warned him but i after i fueled up i hopped off my bike and shot him and then kent banned me.


I got banned i lost my swat cuz i disrespected threshold

did like a whole month ban

i got accused of aimboting then got banned because we were swinging torque and mj12 by the ropes in ls ( with no solid proof like nigga? u think i aim bot really? i hit 360 quick scopes on modern warfare)

my computer was checked and i appealed and got unbanned

then i got banned for some disrespectful ish...again somtime and called it quits

despite all that ye that all those lil 2 week bans 4 hour jails 1 week bans over the years ive bin here
for accused rdming in between

I quit kcnr for like a 8 months dawg

8 months. come back and i cant even kill 3 ppl straight properly

everyone is still calls me an aimbotter or hacker or rdmer or what ever
constantly but i dont even mind that really i dont care

i mean i am still disrespectful a tad bit

but dawg i bin back here for 1 month. i had like one complain against me

i try to not break no bunch of rules so i wont get reported and have to be doing this.....
i dont even shoot ppl for aiming at me any more dawg i wait until they do sum so i have a valid reason i dont even shoot cops because they come next to me i was in sf roof surfing rite next to a cop last night who didnt want to chase us typed "i run" in chat so we aint kill him cuz then that would be COP HUNTING... im like 80% less hype so i dont get what ive done for the about 15 hours game play i have made in the past 9 or so months.. i dont understand how this situation is rdm and when have i bin evading? and breaking every rule possible?

or does everything i was punished for before reset or some shit so ima just get banned when ever? cuz i dont get it
and i knw i did not have to kill the cop cuz i did /c and admin could of jus warned him but i kileld him because i am allowed to because he cost me money.

" List of reasons where you can kill somebody or place a hit on them:
There is a hit on them (kill only).
They stuck you up.
They attempted/successfully robbed you (businesses, houses, wallets).
They attempted/successfully raped you.
They successfully kidnapped you.
They constantly ram you.
They caused you to somehow lose money (making you fail your robbery by popping your tyres, pulling you out of your getaway vehicle etc).
You may kill other hitmen in an attempt to gain the hit (if a hitman gets killed by another hitman in a chase they must not pursue revenge on that player!)
You may kill LEO in a shootout, you may not kill medics or firefighters in shootouts.
If the player CURRENTLY has the bonus vehicle, and as long as you are trying to sell the bonus vehicle as well. If you have the bonus vehicle, you can’t shoot unless it’s self defense e.g. you getting shot by players while driving the BV to the crane. Only if you’re shot at. If you’re getting lag pit/rammed, that’s all on you to avoid.
You are allowed to kill cops as a civilian if they are chasing a friend of yours who is a warrant. The cop must be relatively close to the warrant or interacting with the warrant and is definitely chasing them, not just driving past.
List of reasons where you can NOT kill somebody, but you can place a hit on them:
Stalking, as in they are following and chasing you and/or blocking your path of access.
They are stealing your plants.
List of reasons where you can NOT kill somebody or place a hit on them:
They arrested / took down / ticketed / searched / healed / cured you or committed any form of game law enforcement action on you.
You got killed in Los Santos or inside the deathmatch arena.
You may NOT place a hit on a player for deathmatching you whilst either of you are in jail.
If they killed you for a valid reason you may not pursue an attempt to kill them in return. It is OVER.
If the hit placed is cancelled because of the player surviving it, you may not kill/re-hit the player.
Joining your group robbery when you don't want them to.. Instead, change your robbing team state!
Timeout / crashes are NOT valid reasons for hit contracts.
They are an admin on duty.

[*]Breaking a rule, such as random deathmatching. Random deathmatching includes shooting, ramming, heliblading and spraying with the water cannon. Please remember that collateral damage may happen, one bullet accidentally hitting you is not random deathmatching.

If someone randomly kills you without a valid reason (in this thread or maybe some other reason deemed valid by an administrator), screenshot it and make a complaint thread in the Court of Justice on forums.
You may not kill a player for any reason that did not happen ON THE SPOT.
Randomly or forcefully ramming / pitting players without a reason more than once (on purpose) is considered as random deathmatching.
When placing a hit on someone, it must be in English. Any hit contract that is not in English, will be cancelled by an admin
When re-placing a hit, you must include the original hit reason. Counter-hits are not allowed.
If you cancel a hit, you may not place the same hit again after 5 minutes. Once a hit is cancelled for 5 minutes, it is considered completely cancelled and cannot be re-placed.
Collateral damage can happen. This is not NOT Random Deathmatching. Examples are car bombs and stray bullets.
NB: These rules must only apply to civilian-civilian interaction"
You were banned by me, not by Kent.
I banned you because you were randomly deathmatching a person despite the fact that the person in question had already been dealt with by admins. The length of your ban is based on the fact that all this time you've been here you've been neglecting most of the server rules, including many rulebreaks since you were last unbanned. Every admin I spoke with agrees that you break rules all the time, and sometimes more than a half of the new alerts and complaints are about you.

I've tagged this post so a lead admin can make the decision, I am not interested in handling all the complaints related to you anymore.

Also, please note that you quoted and highlighted half of the server rules to your ban appeal, but didn't actually highlight the part that says you CAN'T do what you did:
List of reasons where you can NOT kill somebody or place a hit on them:
[*]Breaking a rule, such as random deathmatching. Random deathmatching includes shooting, ramming, heliblading and spraying with the water cannon. Please remember that collateral damage may happen, one bullet accidentally hitting you is not random deathmatching.
explain to me how is it rdm ? and how can i break so many rules wen ive bin playing for like a week? u say that they say such things and that there are such things...well can u show them to me? how can they log on every time and i be spammin alerts and i am not even online for long for like the past 10 months... i do not understand what i am being punished for bro. Since my last ban i played for like 10 hours. how can i be half of their new alerts most of the time bro? how is that possible ??!! how many rules did i break since i was unbanned?!? u guys saying i do this and that but not talkin about nothing specific. i aint do nothing to deserve ban since i came back to this server i n December tho