Why is my banned return into 2 weeks again ?

Banned unfairly? Make a request here.
Ingame Name:ZyNaga
Why did you get banned / & Reason?:Common Courtesey ??
Why should you be unbanned, state your reason:Peter Said on me Im Moron and i said on him your Chupa because chupa means Blow Job then he suddenly became angry i only revenge on him because he said to me im moron :'(
What did you do before you got banned, be as exact and detailed as possible:the bad words hurts for me : '(
Reply Please
Waiting on Peter's response.
Do not really have mercy on me? i dont want to lose my house and Cars :'(
I have not reached the black friday discount then i will be get banned again :'(
You were banned for not having common courtesy.
Then you start being very annoying while I was still really calm to you.
Then you just can't keep your big mouth shut and you decide to insult me. I was still fairly calm, you were just acting like a moron. That was very obvious. You didn't listen to what I said. You just ignored it and kept your bullshit up.

Ban will remain, you clearly still don't have common courtesy for your surroundings. I will NOT be unbanning you early. You clearly don't deserve that. You clearly don't see where you went wrong with your actions.
the bad words hurt me
You should not be an annoying cunt then who doesn't read what is being said. Next time learn to read or keep that big mouth of yours shut.

I'm never going to apologise to ANYONE for stating the obvious, so I will not apologise at all for what I said to you. You were banned, in those cases especially you should NOT start pushing me towards getting angry. I will not allow that. You should have read carefully, examined what I said (although this is a common theme that players clearly don't read what is stated carefully enough or they think something else than what is being said (totally different discussion though)) and kept your mouth shut. I was not going to help you, I didn't feel the need to. You were banned fair and square for being a shitty rulebreaker. And yes, I stand by that statement as you have proven to be one.
But u First u said to me im moron i dont do anything Then u come up with our conversation
i cant wait 2 weeks again and i dont want to lost my House and Car's
2 weeks + 2 weeks = 4 weeks my car and my house will be lost :'(
You started by being annoying the whole time.

Fuck off, you can lose them. Own fault. You had no right to insult me. I wasn't being mean to you, I just said the truth. The truth hurts. Too bad for you.

Also banned from Discord for spamming.