there some rong you ban me no reson sir

Banned unfairly? Make a request here.
Ingame Name: MoeQasem.
Time/Date: today
Why did you get banned / & Reason?: idont know iswear you mistek idid not do anything and who is benten iswear I'm not benten I'm MoeQasem iswear idid not do anything sir
Why should you be unbanned, state your reason: pls what I do iswear idid nothing to ban me
What did you do before you got banned, be as exact and detailed as possible:
Pls Sir Answer me Pls What did I do for this ban I'm not BenTen and who is BenTen sir iswear ido nothing for get ban
Removed. I have no idea what I'm talking about.
Thank you sir blackniga but really im new player not noob but thank you sir for helping me