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You calling us Low Quality?
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Stun gun = direct contact

Tazer = you can shoot it
It's apart of sa-mp so you need it.

Dude just reinstall GTA.
It's a font file. You need it to accurately display things such as the deathlist.
KCNR Rules 2.0 have been released! Changelog: We've basically removed most complications from the rules, everything should now be easier to understand. You can no longer revenge for having your car stolen. Added list of allowed mods. Everything else is disallowed. Removed the “Criminals may not use ...
Sorry for the double post, but if I would've edited the previous post from 2015, no one would've noticed. I saw in the donate page http://lvcnr.net/donate/ that for 10 Bonds you can get a Name change. Is that $10 (obviously, without getting the donator perks)? Also, may I use that one-time change o...
The discounts are live!