Kar wrote:
Wed May 10, 2017 4:13 am
Contact your ISPs.
How do we ask them regarding this issue(ISPs)? I mean I got no idea what the hell is going on, What do I must say?

Shall I entitled the ISP report "Why can't I connect to KCNR? Do u even know kcnr uh it's samp blah2".
Anyone else figured the solutions yet? Still stucks with this
The server are still closed . I cant even connect!
Yes I do.

Ikr, LVCNR and KCNR was the same!
Ingame name: Fragger_Lv
IRC name: Fragger

Not just like regular times, it's now appeared to be offline 24/7. I can even connect the only server (LVCNR).
Good luck on your life bruh! I'll be missing u using the Mountain Bike all the time against cops :(
IRC Name: Fragger
Ingame name: Fragger_Lv

She has changed alot than Sierra that we used to know before. I meant with her chatting style and other things. That was just my sense, I'll DMed her on instagram yet she doesn't reply. The only matter what I wonder, is Sierra still alive or either she crashed herself over the deepsea or being swall...
Well atleast Fragger not to be mentioned on this edition :D