With the added 0.3DL to allow any customizations and the ability to add more 'skins/characters/objects' to the script now, what are your current thoughts of the 0.3DL itself after using it for a while and have you changed/added any new characters that wasn't able to be chosen beforehand?
The current way 0.3.8 handles most of the objects and recreational structures for any object for vehicles, players or even house furniture is a lot better than how it was handled in 0.3.7. I have followed most of what 0.3.8 has been about and I just can't wait for the final release. Keep up the good...
Have you tried deleting the gta_sa.set file and then joining the server again?

What do you do to get that crash code? is it near burning vehicles or something else?

Have you tried to uninstall SA-MP/GTA and re-installing it to see if this has fixed it?
Well since some admin deleted my last comment, i'll do it again

Bye SG, have an enjoyful future in whatever you decide to do
Does /ircalert not work anymore?

As I can recall that was used once to alert all admins of any trouble in-game when no admin was in-game at that specific time when a hacker was on
Welcome back Kev, it's good to see you back within the grounds of LVCNR/KCNR !
Adios mi amigo or shall I say, gudbi mi pizza-burger-eating-loving-friend!
I'm only going to say 8 letters about this....

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