I am Mozart. :)
Boo fucking hoo. You played like what, less than a week here? And you were constantly acting like you know better than regulars who played for years. :/
Unless you are just a ban evader scum. See you on another nickname.
This is not a farewell topic and shall be removed.
Bruce_Bond wrote:
Roxanne wrote:Be welcome at my house and at my table ! :)
what about your bed :geek: :twisted: :shock: :o :ugeek:
No. :)
Be welcome at my house and at my table ! :)
I never understood why people have to capitalize every word.
Yes you will.
Fucking drama queen. It's only a game, get a life. Also everyone knows you're just gonna ban evade so why bother.
You were good; fuck haters. Bye. :)
Omg, bunch of ass lickers. :D He will not distribute anything, as he's only going to get unbanned in 4 weeks. He will lose everything by that time. He's also forum banned for a month. Chill.