Hei guy's
its have been 2 month (or more) since i left for studies
look's like i didn't make it i fail to become a programmer and in collage i study about food technologies

See you Guy's In GAME !!!
poka come back at september or august that is the exactly month i'm back

Good luck
Will there be an English test too? xD Anyways, good luck. Hope you manage to achieve what you want. Yes there is english test xD Thank's Dude Good Luck men, I hope you will pass them. See you later :)) Thank's dude ! ;) If they ever ask you to make a fail-safe water-proof amombob-resistant Inputbox...
Ahmed wrote:AMOM!!!!
come back soon when you Join the programmer class! :D
best of luck dude. 3:)
Thank's poka :D
Good luck! You can do it, stay motivated! Thanks dude always :D Cya man, Was nice to play with you. Come back soon and Good luck.. Thank's man me too nice to play with you ;) public class ByeAmombob { public static void main (String [] args) { System.out.println(" Study hard boi, programming is coo...
Hei. I really busty with Real life stuff (Study) i will get 2 exam National Examination standardized test for collage i want join Programmer class in collage (If Possible ) Lot of people want to join that class also. so i must beat them in the test So see you guys in September ! SWAT Aplly Dropped.
Bye grove!
Reh123 wrote:rooting your phone is basically voiding your warranty.. if you know exactly what to do, then go for it, make sure to research though.

i will ty for advice
Download directly from the sony update center ?

i wanna ask i have sony xperia z 1 if i rooted it can i still have the original update from sony it self?

maybe update walkman gallery or even Better OS ?