Well, I have had my HDD for ~5 years now and it have never lossed data.
They only thing that has started happen is that the MOBO (which is also 5~ years old) is starting to slowly lose connection from the inputs.

>when i didn't read the entire topic
That site never left the 90's
Are u sure that you are going to survive on 250gb of storage?
If you're not sure, get a HDD to storage the programs that are not used often or does not require fast file reading.

Or get some USB's.
Thank you for free V.I.P! It's truly exciting
IRC name: Jesper
In-game name: priviking

I hope that you will fly safely and have a really good time :D
Bye bye, make sure to do a lot of push-ups
Oh boy we had such a great time in kcnr with countless deathmatching and just being a little extra goofy some times :ugeek: Remember the early stage of our friendship? When we used to rape eachother and I occasionally try to rob you :twisted: Ye but time changes and that got to a halt :D Now in thes...
Have a good one :)