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How long has this been happening? Have you made any changes recently, like download some windows updates or anything else?
But yeah it sound like you CPU or RAM is failing, that GPU is dedicated so it draws it's power from those. Either that or one of these: 1: Computer is overheating because its full of dust(download a program such as hwmonitor to check your cpu/gpu etc temps) 2: It has filled with all kind of junk ov...
Matthieu wrote:
Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:18 pm
can anyone tell me how to fix it , you are banned from this server

Zenlex said on your ban appeal that you can use new name, but your main account(Mathew.) is permanently banned. So use a different name.
Hi all,

For couple of months now sa-mp has been under attack, which has caused some issues. One major issue is that it shows the server is offline, when in reality it's not. So even if it shows the server is offline, just connect and you should be able to join normally.

Have you recently changed your ISP?
Best of luck to you.
This is not the right section to troll people. This is for people who are actually leaving the server.

Read this next time before making any troll topics here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3384

Axl_Rose has been given 3 days forum ban.
Edward wrote:that's partially kind of the reason I got mad at Peter for banning me.

I think this part reveals this troll. Clucky simply can't get mad.
Welcome back!