1)If I have 30 bonds and I sell 5 of them am I still a delux or not 2)Once I donate do I immediately get the bonds? (please dont send me vids cuz im using wooden internet just explain to me) 3)If I redeem the bonds what will happen once I redeem? 4)How to sell bonds to other players? Is there a com...
Is it possible to turn off vip title above the head?
get high. ^ this. I would recommend weed to you but since I don't know if you ever tried it...Don't try it if you already didn't.Don't listen to Thres , you can't handle half of the whiskey bottle (depends on how much times you got drunk).I can handle it now but I couldn't handle it 2-3 years ago.A...
Get a fake Ic and club :D
Please come in with your main account after the 1 month 1 week
Seeya :)
Name: The_Albanian. Unbanned in: 1 month, 1 week and 17 hours (Constant Ban Evasion).

Your main account isn't permanently banned. You should stop ban evading
I only permanently banned your ban evading account
Razer blackwidow ultimate-Main keyboard
Razer deathstalker ultimate star wars edition-For marco
Razer ouroboros-Mouse
Razer tiamat 7.1-Headset
Razer vespula-Mouse mat
Goodbye and Thanks for giving me your car and cash :D
Threshold wrote: Everything over here is so cheap
I guess you are not in Singapore yet?
Goodbye,you are one of the admin that take /c seriously like getting to know the full story and talking to both party through PM then only giving out the warning.Good luck in whatever you are doing in the future :)