bye kiddo
Bye Guys!!! Since Ive Been Permanent Banned Here At The server For Multi Account I Deserve It BYE GUYS!!!!
Bye Threshold But We Will meet Together :P
Takedowns and Arrest !
OMG!! :(
Good Bye Mate Have a Good Day ! We have a Little Fun Times At Arresting and Busting Some Criminals and Blowing Grave With a bomb Car that was an Amazing Time I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU IN THIS SERVER BYE MATE!
Ill be off for 2 days! Yesterday im off today im also off so it is equal to 2 days! Sorry for the late post! Bye!
Have a Good Computer! But you can Put the Gta Files only in a USB ? you dont have to buy a CD or something! just transfer the GTA file to your USB!
Bye cama i love you!
Jordan White Welcome to the LVCNR