Police_force wrote:so therefore I am fully returning back to server.
It is great to hear that from you :)
Have a good time, cya :)
Bye Half... =( ...Good bye, Scottie. :| ...but you and a handful (Leonid Stadnyk's handful) of other people leaving? You're leaving because someone else is leaving, and it creates a chain reaction. Would things be different if ONE people who was important for some of the players would've stayed? Ma...
:( Good bye you and good bye everybody.
Uhmm... I've been played here like... three months. Three great months... I haven't got any introductions here, so here it is: Ohaio. I've been searching for a nice server to play SA-MP. First I've found some roleplay servers, but they sucked after a month. Then I've been searching for Cops and Robb...
Kar wrote:BannanaVodka isn't gone :)
NAAA, his timezone is not same anymore. I haven't seen him for 3-4 weeks.

Perhaps I'll leave, too.
"What the **** is wrong with you people?!" -Wu Zi Mu Exactly, man I'm gonna leave if you guys gonna keep doing this. Stop leaving professional players! Who cares if server is full. If 5 regular player is online, that equals to 50 normal players. I'm not having fun as much as I do from now on... You,...
Ohh..... Experiences are good... I mean I think. :| It was good to "spend" time with you.
Hope to see you again.
Goodbye, Mike.
If we need to say something, the thing have to be a very very big "THANK YAAA". You've kept the peace, I mean you've done your admin job VERY well. 8-) When you were ingame, you were always kicking, warning, banning and talking to players :shock: . Or working for the server. Thanks for /website, you...
Jordan_White wrote:You may think you know me, that may be correct, but you never see me unless i want you to, scary fact init?
Uhhmm... Noone wants to see noone's bad side. :D -----> :) ------> :oops: -----> :evil:
We are here to have fun, you know :P

Uhmm... And, uhhh, I think you have spammed.