1 player of kcnr pay 50m and he will get skin pack for his group?
hamail wrote:
Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:17 am
Wait A sec, you want to leave KCNR , then why are you playing KCNR . and why you made ban appeal on Banned ? i think this account has been soled.
U mean sold? I didnt sold it
I dont play kcnr, i wanna come back
I'm out from kcnr, there are not much players and those who play are fucking annoying. I gave away all my thing to xXDangerXx so I am really out. This 1 year was fun what I spent here, Kar this server is fucking awesome, good job.
Don't you guys know what joke is?
Hamail I don't abuse shit
Bye nigga, i will always remember i almost rekted you at ls while you used hacks hahah
How can I take care of my things, like my money or my house, my vehicles, my clothes at kcnr? If it disappear how can I prove that when I want to refund it???
And how to set image in the signature without imgur and stuffs like that?