Good luck man :thumbup: :thumbup:
Hello,have fun and always carry condoms and fake wallets with you.
Hello,have fun and always carry condoms and fake wallets,don't forget about a Chef's Knife.
See you Yez,hope you fix your problems.
Peter wrote:
Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:36 am
The feature itself gives no advantages afaik. So don't complain.
Ok,please,I got it,I had enought of Ragna's arguments on that suggestion topic,please leave me alone with that now,I got it.
"Custom vehicle decals at SA Customs"

Well,Kar,congrats,you made the biggest dream of a player that loves tunning cars possible,and you made it only for VIPs.




No Problem

I'm Good

Fuck me.
Not sure if we have a plan to go to Manchester,but if we do,that would be cool.
I'm leaving UK this friday.
Where abouts in the UK are you visiting? I'm currently staying near a smaller "city" near Keighley (or Skipton if you don't know Keighley) and I'm visiting monuments and things of sort around here,I even took photos,I might create a topic with the photos I took in the media thread,and I might be sh...
I was (and I still am) on a trip in UK visiting relatives,I might be online this Friday or Saturday and Sunday,and I can very much say that UK is much less shitty than Romania,oh well,see you back online in a few days guys.
Man,did I miss you? Not.

Just kidding,welcome back,I'll be online too in a few days,I'm currently in UK visiting relatives.

Edit: Man,I just read your "Inactivity for 2 months" topic,damn man,that was some ugly shit you've been into,glad you're ok now tho