Hey M_G
lol, nice, but what if some noobs took it serously and left kcnr xD?
Dj_Ozzy wrote:
Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:34 pm
Mah nigga will never leave ;D
Mah Stonny boi never leave
Yes Simitry, i left the server for some time at the first place. but i got bored from it, KCNR is not fun anymore for some reasons and i won't be playing kcnr anymore even after my biggest exams to finish them. i just hope KCNR... the KCNR we loved get back one day.. Goodbye Dimitri.
Yes, that does kinda Boost your PC and decrease you ram usage, as you disable All Visual effects, etc. But Nice of you helping people who suffers this issue.
Finally non-retarded joined/ got back Welcome back mate
have fun with stealing other's people hard work and pretends its ur work, pathetic
God/.. 50% AT BONDS STORE, IN OTHERWORDS Bond cost $10 now its $5.. in the main website
Question for you..
No.. not offending or 'abusing' you..

How childish are you? THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION.
Why when we say bad thing or even insult him, he has to quote you and spam 'STOP ABUSING ME' really?

Thank god I left at the right time.