Thanks guys;) appreciate f0 that.
SyCroMaTiCs wrote:Hi BV
Hi Cromat
Forcezx wrote:cyka blyat
Thats a new word you learned. ;)
Hi there, everyone, my name is Reply and you can Submit every message here..
I vanished but now awhile i am sneaking in......
I actually like this new update... You can drive-thru, vehicles instead of ramming. And getting an complaiment. Well its not for always since its a admin command. Anyways i like it. By the way the custom houses. Are these allready added? @edward, that olympic idea was pretty neat and great. In futur...
Usman wrote:Knookie how come you don't remeber me. me and PMH used to kill you in dm arena forgot everything noob
Oh this welcomer. Oh Please go away.
Wb lel
Welcome to the KCNR Community hope you will enjoy your stay.
Don't let others hit your mind.. If you leave like this cuz your pissed you will be pissed rest of your life. #1 #fact
Hello, many of you know me as BannanaVodka. I have been here for a while since the server was released. And since then. The reason I am writing this long message is that you should at least understand me. I have been admin here 3 times. The last time I lost it was in December 2012 or 13 As I think, ...
kent_BoBo wrote:oww well I hope to see you on TeamSpeak from time to time, we will not forget you bro, I wish you a full life of luck and enjoy.
I was online time by time, there's empty lobby.