Hey Matt!
I’ll be one IRC this around this time over the next few days
It’s been a while... just swinging by to say hi!
ShadowsStep7 wrote:
The great friends of KCNR

Also I loled at this not sure how many times I've read this kind of post. It brings memories good and bad, bye bye and good luck
I think they have it too easy maybe? Maybe jail times should be increased and slightly harsher punishments enforced... If you guys keep this up we may not have a choice, Also don't ruin it for the rest of KCNR. Just play nice (it's GTA yes, but you can still be respectful), and have fun that's why w...
Hope you drop in from time to time. See ya old friend.
It has been great getting to know you over the years, that goes for alot of you, and i just want to say how happy i am to have you as a friend and how sad it is to see you leave. Come back soon!
i know if you /kill it doesnt show the little arrows.. Thats all i know. Only works the first time you join the server.